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Abstract painter Ric Epley has a diverse and broad background – (Evansville Living Magazine, 2012). Upon graduating from The University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Indiana where he grew up,  he lived and worked as a fashion model in France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and then back in the US – for clients such as Hermes, Gaultier, Ralph Lauren, NASCAR, Schwinn among many others. While in Europe he also played basketball for Élan Sportif de Paris in France and Klubb Patricia in Sweden. He was part of a team of the original researchers for  SATSA, a now decades-long longitudinal monozygotic twin study at the renowned Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.


Epley outside of studio…

After returning to the United States for good, Epley became involved in photography (Miller Beer, RJR Reynolds, The Wildhorse Saloon, plus 100s of aspiring and working models) and advertising (Coca-Cola, Chicago Blackhawks, WWE) in both media, creative and account management. Around 2000, he started his own small multimedia company ( which quickly garnered such clients as Sony, Eli Lilly and Company, The Ryman Auditorium, WSM Radio and The Grand Ole Opry, to name a few. Today, Epley continues to act as president of Fusion. He holds a Master of Arts Degree in Interactive Design and is an authority on technology and the stress it produces – ( He has recently added to his many interests by becoming a certified FEMA contractor, assisting in the Hurricane Irma relief effort in 2017.

His foray into abstract art was initially cathartic and completely unintentional. “I almost flunked high school art”, he often recalls. “I am humbled and grateful by the very warm commercial reception I’ve experienced as an untrained painter”. His works were called “ALIVE!” by noted German-born Parisian artist Katrin Jakobsen,  The Daily Grind in Los Angeles said, “(Epley’s)… paintings are very intense and exhibit a sensuality rarely seen in abstract art!” Ralph Dane said that “his colors explode onto the canvas…!” (GETDOWNARTblog, 2010.) His insatiable curiosity keeps him ever experimenting with new artistic methods and directions.

Ric Epley Art can be found hanging in homes and businesses in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada.



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Installation event at The Dapper Pig, Evansville, IN, USA   


 Group show at Hong Kong Foodie To Go, Henderson, KY, USA                                                                                                                              



CONTACT RIC EPLEY – – 812.629.0616